What are the applications of image-generating AI ?

March 28, 2024

Since the explosion of artificial intelligence, we find them in all sectors of activity. In the field of image creation, they are also widely used. Hundreds of tools powered by this revolutionary technology allow you to create different types of images. If you have image generation projects, this article presents the different applications of image generators.

Character creation and artistic design

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If there is one area where the use of artificial intelligence is strong, it is in character creation and artistic design. Tools like MyImageGPT help transform text descriptions into visually appealing images. For create your dream image with ai technology, go to the platform of the tool of your choice and launch a prompt.

In no time, you get unique and expressive characters, with varied facial expressions and dynamic poses. You can use these tools to create works like:

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Book illustrations;

Video games ;

Animated films;

Comic books ;


If you have this type of project, don’t hesitate to use AI for assistance. It will allow you to explore new artistic styles. So you have no excuse not to use these tools. Even if you don't use the characters it generates for you, you can at least take inspiration from them.

Industrial design and prototyping

If you are also in the field of industrial design and prototyping, image generators can be useful to you. By using the right tools, you will be able to visualize product concepts and prototypes quickly and easily. Before moving on to the manufacturing phase, you will be able to have a precise idea of the final appearance of a product. Whether you are in the automotive, fashion, electronics or any other industrial sector, you can use it.

Depending on the type of generation tool you choose, you will be able to obtain 2D or 3D images. In any case, you will only need to enter simple textual descriptions. When you get results that you don't like, you'll be able to re-enter prompts to edit your designs.

This allows you to test different configurations in minutes. The work of several days can therefore be done in a few moments. So if you are late for the presentation of a product, you now know what to do.

Editing drawings

Image generation tools aren't just for creating images from scratch. They can also be used to edit or modify already existing creations, whether or not they were generated by AI.

By using the right tool, you can do basic photo editing or more advanced manipulations. Depending on your needs, you can change the colors of your images, modify their textures and even create complex artistic effects. You can also correct imperfections in a photo and add decorative elements. The possibilities are simply endless. So give free rein to your creativity.

To edit your images, simply enter them into the editing platform of your choice. There are many tools that allow you to do this. Find the one you need to enhance or customize your designs to suit your specific needs.

How to get the most out of these tools?

As noted above, there are many image generator tools. Each of them has its own specificities. To succeed in your creation and publishing project, you must first choose the right tools taking into account your specific needs.

You must then familiarize yourself with the functionalities of the tool you have chosen before embarking on your projects. Since images are generated from textual instructions, it is recommended to provide detailed prompts to obtain good results. Fill in all the information you consider relevant.

Also remember that the creations of an AI are not final. You can modify them using the same tool or export it to do it elsewhere, in another tool powered by AI or not. Finally, don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest technological advances and new features of image generators. AI performance is increasing every day. Therefore, stay informed at all times to improve the quality of your creations.